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Before you start buying condominium in Singapore , buyers need to be clear in your current position before any decision made.   Main Attributes are now not purely just base on your income, but rather how many properties under your name .

Furthermore in 30th June 2013, MAS has introduced a new measurement known as Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR).  TDSR limits the home loan quantum by ensuring your monthly repayment for all your debts – mortgage, car loans , credit cards, personal loans, and so on – do not exceed 60% of your monthly income

Below are a few important factors to keep in mind before or after you place an Expression of Interests (EOI) with the developers.

  • Timeline of buying an (BUC) Building Under Construction, Normal Progressive Payment Scheme works.
  • Check on how much CPF you able to utilize for property purchase with your Singpass login. (CPF Website)
  • Check on the (LTV) Loan-To-Valuation of the bank loans base on properties under your name.
  • Know which category you fall on (ABSD) Additional Buyer Stamp Duty.
  • Understand the process of balloting system works on sale of units
  • Speak to bankers to find out how much you are eligible to loan base on your current property portfolio and monthly financial commitments

Normal Progressive Payment Scheme For BUC

StagesPayment Time Frame
StagesPaymentTime Frame
Signing of Option To Purchase (OTP)5% of Option Fee base on Purchasing PriceOption Day / On the Day of Booking
Finding Bank Loans and engaging of Law Firm
Developer will send Sales and Purchase Agreement (S&P) to Purchaser, or the appointed Law FirmWithin 14 days from OTP Date
Signing of Sales and Purchase Agreement (S&P) if (OTP) Option expires, Developer will forfeit 25% of the option fee (1.25% of the purchase price)Within 3 weeks from the very day S&P is delivered
Stamp Duty payable to IRAS(3% of Purchasing Price -$5,400)
or/and plus ABSD
Within 2 weeks from S&P is signed
Pay remaining 15% of the downpayment to Developer15% of Purchasing Price Within 8 weeks from OTP Date

The remaining 80% outstanding payment payable in accordance with construction progress

Upon Completion OfPayment Est Time Frame
Upon Completion ofPaymentEst Time Frame
Completion of Foundation Work
10%6 - 9 months
Completion of Reinforced Concrete Framework10%6 - 9 months
Completion of Brick Walls5%3 - 6 months
Completion of Roofing / Ceiling 5%3 - 6 months
Completion of Electrical Wiring, Internal Plastering, Plumbing & Installation of Door & Window Frames5%3 - 6 months
Completion of Car Park, Road & Drains Serving The Housing Project5%3 - 6 months
Notice of Vacant Possession 25%TOP Date
Legal Completion Date15%On Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC)

CPF Minimum Sum

CPF Minimum Sum

Loan-To-Valuation (LTV)

 1st Housing Loan2nd Housing Loan3rd Housing Loan
>30 years loan>65 years old 60%30%20%
Minimum Cash UpfrontLTV=80%, 5% Cash

LTV=60%, 10% Cash
25% Cash25% Cash

Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD)

CitizenshipABSD on 1st PropertyABSD on 2nd PropertyABSD on 3rd Property Onwards
Singapore CitizenN/A7%10%
Permanent Residents5%10%10%
Foreigner* & Non-Individuals15%15%15%
* Citizens of the USA, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland will be treated the same as Singapore Citizens due to FTA agreement